Celebrate Tuesdays
with Tacos and Tequila

The phrase "Taco Tuesday" gets thrown around quite a bit lately. However, just because you're offering up low-quality beef in a cheap tortilla for a buck, doesn't make it Taco Tuesday. Say hello to Tacos and Tequila Tuesdays, where you can get two awesome tacos for only five dollars, plus four-dollar deals on Coronas and Don Julio Blanco shots, all night long.

Sign-Up for the Complimentary Guest List

Guest List only guarantees complimentary entry before midnight. Guests arriving after midnight must pay the full entertainment fee.

Enjoy Delicious Tacos & Tequila Every Tuesday

Tacos & Tequila is a winning combination and with our complimentary guest sign up, you and your crew can get in without a cover charge. This means more money you can spend on things you enjoy like killer tacos, cold Coronas, and bold Don Julio Blanco shots. If by chance tacos aren't your thing, you can give that saved cash to one of Miami's hottest dancers. Trust us; they'll definitely appreciate it and so will you.

We're a proper Miami gentlemen's club which means we offer the best service possible, down to the food we serve. That being said,Β  we're not going to half-ass something like tacos. They're a cornerstone of authentic Miami cuisine, the kind that can be appreciated by most everyone that comes through town, from Florida locals to international tourists alike. New York doesn't settle on their pizzas, Chicago doesn't settle on their hot dogs, and Miami isn't going to serve up a sub-par taco. It doesn't matter if it's served at a high-class restaurant, an underrated hole-the-wall joint, or even the best gentlemen's club in the whole state. You don't mess around with tacos here. We'll put it this way: we hold our tacos to the same standard that we hold our dancers. We only serve up the very best.

So don't waste another Tuesday night choking down terrible tacos at some bar while you wash it down with some watered down brews. Stop into Gold Rush Cabaret and let us show you how we do things here on Tuesday nights. Order up some shots and tell your boss you're coming in late tomorrow because you're in for one crazy night.

Tacos & Tequila at Gold Rush. It's enough to make a Tuesday night feel like the weekend.